Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bootiful Costume Wigs....!

It's that time of year again, when we all spend hours agonizing over what the perfect Halloween costume will be.  Most of us want something a little daring and edgy, without being too risque.  And of course, we all want to look up to date on our culture, without dressing up as a character who is totally played out!  With those guidelines in mind, here are some of our ideas for Halloween wigs that are sure to wow.

If you are brave as the princess, nothing tops our long, thick, delightfully curly Princess Merida Wig.
It's adjustable, as pretty much all the items we sell are, so it's perfect for children as well as adults!


Will Katy Perry ever STOP being so popular??  Possibly not, so you might as well use that popularity to your advantage!  We have nearly half a dozen different Katy Perry wigs, ranging from brightly colored to very subdued: 

Of course, our favorite is her signature blue look:


  It closely resembles her own style: 

Batman returned this year in full force, making it no surprised that Batman and Robin are two hot costumes for 2012.  We've got a Robin costume that will make you the hit of any party: 

 And should you have a man friend who also got bit by the BatMan bug, our deluxe men's costume is over-worldly! 

 Just look how similar it is to the real thing! 

One of the only pop stars out there this year giving Katy Perry a run for her money is Nicki Minaj.  For everyone who's a little more realistic looking than the KP type, Nicki is a solid costume choice.  We have multiple wigs that are her spitting image! 


Katniss Everdeen's braided hair in "the Hunger Games" was so well loved by fans that "braid bars" have sprung up around America.  There are many ways to wear her style; even without following her exact braid, you'll still be recognizable as her character provided you're equipped with a bow and arrow!  The simplest way to turn Katniss' look into your own would be with a braided headband; that will allow you the freedom to wear your own hair any way you'd like along with her token braid.  We have braided headbands in an assortment of styles and colors: 

Take a glance at Katniss' sideways French braid: 

Here is her signature look, already braided and ready to shoot!


2012 is an election year, and no matter who you've decided to vote for, pretty much everyone agrees that Michelle Obama has some serious class and style.  Our Michelle wigs are good enough that when paired with a shift dress, your friends may mistake you for the first lady!  We offer more than six different Obama options:
 Our favorites are:  
 You'll be amazed at how closely they resemble her:

If you need help finding your wig or costume, please let us know!
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