Saturday, November 17, 2012

Glamorous Holiday Hair: It's Easier Than You Think!

The holiday season brings stress for many, what with the hustle and bustle of hosting relatives and cooking meals fit for royalty.  The last thing most of us want to have to worry about on important family days is our hair!  We have a fabulous selection of falls, clips, up-do's, and ponytails that you can put on in a matter of seconds.  They will add a glamorous element to your look, without adding any time!  

If you love the look of a voluptuous pony tail but don't have quite enough hair to fill it, try one of these:

This pony is a steal at $56.99 for real human hair!

Straight Pony

An easy to use drawstring piece, you can earn 100 reward points for trying this on for size.


It's big curls but little commitment with this bouncy look that's just over $20.


Should a sleek bun be more your choice, these are top options:

It's as if you just stepped off the red carpet, only you paid less than $20!

A little braid goes a long way- this is a great look that could earn you 30 reward points.

Sometimes a small piece can change a lot!  This human hair wiglet is under $30 and can update your entire ensemble.

If a full look will help you the most, these 3/4 falls will cover most of your own hair, while being comfy enough to last the day in:
Look like a true 60's charmer, in just a moment!

No need to worry about your waves loosening up throughout the day, Hula has you covered.

Long luscious hair never goes out of style, and with this fall, you don't have to work at all for perfection.

Happy Holidays!
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