Monday, August 06, 2012

Bobs do the Job

It's the peak of summer, and hair that felt long and luscious in May now seems listless and heavy in the heat.  There's no better time than the present to get thee to the salon and trade in your tresses for a sleek, ever-fashionable bob.  If you aren't quite ready to make the transition, we have a great selection of new bob styles for you to pile your locks up into and get a much need break from the feel of hair all over. 
Bobs are perfect for lightening up your face, too; they show off your neck, which makes it look longer and slimmer.  A-line bobs make chins appear longer as well, which is very helpful for those with round faces.  Take a look at these gorgeous new options that won't ask for any hair-cutting commitment from you:

At an affordable-for-everyone $24.99, Reena is a bob style with some fancy, playful fringe and a swooping bang.  

If curls are more your thing, Jetta could be the girl for you.  This V-shaped wig is also a very minor splurge, at only $26.50.

With Diane, you're sure to make a serious statement.  This extra short bob comes in several choices of blended colors sure to spice up your look, and is priced similarly to Reena at an amazing $24.99.

There's no reason to doubt that this wig is named Glee because glee is precisely what you'll be filled with when you wear it!  A monofilament piece by the venerable Georgie, Glee is $325.99 and features a sweeping bang with long bob length throughout.

You'll be astounded at the sleek lusciousness of Uma.  Also a monofilament top, the closed net Uma is a shorter bob with a close cut neckline for $300.99.

Happy Bobbing!
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