Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Little Extension Goes a Long Way

Have you found yourself coveting what appear to be impeccably perfect dyed highlights of colored hair on others?  You may not have realized that, rather than a dye job from heaven, these highlights are actually clip in pieces.  Look at our selection of protein-rich human hair extensions called Easilities by the renowned Jon Renau can give you the exact look you've been wishing for... and all you have to do is clip them in!  They're 16 inches long, and come in bright colors like Bubblegum and Grape Jelly.  Even better, some colors include their own "natural" blond/brown lowlights, so it's a less obvious piece.  They're as non-committal as a new hair color could be, and you'll never have to worry that they don't match your outfit or makeup on a different day.  Easilites, because they're human hair, can be dyed, permed, etc,-- meaning you don't even have to commit to the clip-in pieces you buy staying the same!  What more could a woman ask for than the ability to change her mind as many times as desired??

View our full line of synthetic clip in hair:

There's no shortage of celebs who employ this look, and now you can look just as good, the Easi way.

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