Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot Ombre Styles

Go Ombre!

Summer's hottest hair trend is one that can be achieved by nearly anyone, regardless of hair length, color, or texture.  Celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Drew Barrymore are all sporting ombre hair highlights.

What is ombre hair?  Simply put, it's when your hair is darker on top with lightened ends.  Because no roots are involved in the highlighting process, it's very low maintenance- what a plus!  You can do ombre highlights to any extent you feel comfortable- they range from subtle dark-to-light-blonde to extreme black-to-red.  

If you aren't ready for a hair dying commitment, it's easy to jump on board with this awesome look with one of our ombre wigs!  We have a great selection, including all of the Jon Renau Human Hair Lace Wigs:

Check out these fabulous styles for some inspiration, and get ready to warm up this season with an ombre look.

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