Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Which type of wild woman are you?

Let’s face it ladies, after the 9-5 crunch, working hard and facing all the people that grind on our nerves, we deserve to shake it off and have fun.  Every lady has got a true wild side, and we certainly don’t let it run often enough.
The question is, how will you express yours?
Are you the elusive, mysterious, hard to get type? 

If so, why not throw a fantasy jungle party?

Think of how beautiful the night scenes were in Avatar.

Imagine recreating this magical atmosphere in your own home. How successful this will be is all about the mood you create.
Let’s begin.
First, you want to get into character. International Wig has the bestselling Avatar wig available here for only 39.99.

It’s your own fantasy jungle party, anyone can show up as sprites, fairies, elves, the more characters the more fun it’ll be!
Visit the costumes section for a huge array of ideas here
To create the mood of the jungle party, start by getting some pieces of black cloth and hanging them over the walls. 

Next, create the woodsy atmosphere by getting silk ferns and large jungle plants and just post them everywhere around the room.  There are some stores that even let you rent these plants for parties, such as

Now, to create that mood. I would suggest lots of purple, blue, and green lights.  The more mysterious the atmosphere the better, dry ice is another idea to create an early morning fog look.  If you really want to go all out, you can find special lights and paper lanterns at stores like  However, you can create a lot of atmosphere on a budget just at your local hardware store with tinted lights as well.
Finally, get out the drum music, shake your booty and have a blast!

If you’re the in the spot light, nightclub, rocking the town type, then have a Lady Gaga dance party!

We have got the best Lady Gaga wigs in town for your party here, including the bestselling bow wig.

For this type of party you want to wow people. So I would get out the strobe lights, black lights, disco balls and if you really want to get wild, rent some dance stages.

Most importantly, be true to yourself, whatever wild woman you are, express it to the fullest and have fun! 

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