Sunday, September 19, 2010

Human Hair Blend Wigs

New York Human Hair Blend- $49.99!

Human hair blends have become increasingly popular this year, and many new styles have arrived to International Wig in the last month. Starting from about $39.99, you can have a long human hair blended wig in your wig wardrobe today!

Blended wigs have a longer life than 100% synthetics, and offer the benefit of accepting the heat (to about 350 degrees F) from a curling/straight iron or a blow dryer, or if you are into it, a crimping iron as well. They tend to tangle less, and the texture seems to be more realistic then normal synthetic wigs. Remember, the care of a human hair wig is more detailed than that of a synthetic, and with a blended wig, the care is more of that of a synthetic wig. And of course, far more affordable than a 100% human hair wig.

Benefit from a human hair blend wig, they have many of the benefits of human hair wigs, but with the added strength and vitality of synthetic fiber! With any human hair blended wig, we will include a free wig cap, to match the color of your wig, for you too!

Shop for human hair blended wigs at!

International Wigs has over 100 blended wigs for you to choose from- and more arriving each month!

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